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The Papua New Guinea Patents and Industrial Designs Act 2000 makes provision for the protection of industrial property rights, namely patents, industrial designs and geographical indications.

At Vai IP, we are able to assist you protect your innovative ideas by preparing and filing applications to register a patent or an industrial design.


Here are the specific services we provide:

  • Preparing and filing Conventional / National Patent Applications
  • Filing Patent Applications Entering National Phase
  • Maintenance of Patents Through Payment of Annuities
  • Documenting Patent Licensing Agreements
  • Documenting Patent Assignment Agreements
  • Conducting Patent Searches

To view Patent Filing Requirements, click here.

Industrial Designs

  • Preparing and Filing New Industrial Design Applications
  • Maintenance of Industrial Designs
  • Documenting Industrial Design Licensing Agreements
  • Documenting Industrial Design Assignment Agreements
  • Conducting Industrial Design Searches

To view Industrial Design Filing Requirements, click here.

For any queries in respect of Patents or Industrial Designs, please email us on