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Other than intellectual property, we also have an interest in marketing and advertising law.  Intellectual property tends to overlap with marketing and advertising but this is not always the case.  Here at Vai IP, we will not only be able to provide you with expert legal advice but more importantly with a commercial focus.  That means, we take time to understand your business, understand the market, your specific product and your target audience.

With over 17 years experience in this area of law, our Principal Mea Vai is able to provide quality legal advice in relation to:

  • Counterfeit
  • Consumer Protection Issues
  • Brand Protection Strategy
  • Packaging Issues and Regulations
  • Fair Trading Issues
  • Misleading and Deceptive Advertising Issues
  • Commercial Advertisement Issues
  • Documenting and Advising on Sponsorship Agreements and Related Issues

For any queries in respect of the above, please contact